Purpose and reasoning

The purpose of this blog is to honestly chronicle the cost and process of building a tiny house.

I don’t have any grand aspirations with going tiny, like reducing my carbon footprint, I simply want my own space.  I chose going tiny because I am still on the younger side (37) and have not put down roots and don’t know what my future holds.  Also, tiny fits my budget!  Even if I had the money, I have no desire to have a 1000 sq ft house, but that’s mostly because I dislike dusting.

This is my first time blogging.  I don’t really know what to expect from this.  I wanted an outlet to share my progress with friends and family.  Also, I have appreciated the other tiny-housers who have shared their journey, inspiring my own, and I hope to be a help to others considering this option.  Tiny living is not for everyone (I may be included in that statement by the end of this… we shall see…) but if I can help someone make that decision, either way, then, mission accomplished!

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