If I had a hammer…

I should also mention that I’m a die-hard bargain hunter.  I bordered on extreme couponer for a while.  Knowing that I will not have the space to stock up on deals has been very freeing.  This does not mean I will pay full retail with a smile or that I won’t scour the internet for free shipping and discount codes for things that I need; however, I won’t be buying things just because “it’s a great deal.”

I did need a hammer…


and happened to see an opportunity…

Yay Sears!

Yay Sears!

7 thoughts on “If I had a hammer…

  1. Glad you are putting this all out there. It is very interesting. Anxious to watch the project come alive. Do you have side views of your house? How many windows are you planning on?
    Keep it up!

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