08/12/15, Work Resumed

I helped bend the U-bolts, which was a very cool process.  Made me wish I dared to work with fire more and do some metalsmithing.  Dad cut and welded braces to hold the trailer true, and welded the plates that rest on top of the concrete blocks to keep it level.  I spent most of the day grinding clean spots for the welds, clamping and marking the braces, and moving the concrete blocks for the pylons.  Once the build is over, I look forward to joining the local arm-wrestling league.

The U-bolts are for cabling the house to the foundation slab to keep everything stable during high winds.  The trailer was a good deal at $1000, but it needed a lot more work than I had expected.  It was drastically out of alignment and the cross braces were definitely needed.  We are using the concrete blocks in hopes that we won’t have to level it every day and it’s 3 blocks high to help with any work we have to do underneath it.

Trailer before straightening

Trailer before straightening

U-bolts welded on.

U-bolts welded on

Cross braces

Cross braces



Next up will be strengthening the tongue, welding the brackets on, and painting the frame.

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