08/28/15, Leveling, and Framing First Wall.

A friend of the family loaned us his transit level (thank you!) and we leveled the trailer.

This would be a great job to have! Meanwhile, dad did all the jacking and shimming.

This would be a great job to have!

Meanwhile... dad did all the real work.

Meanwhile… dad did all the real work.

We were going to hold off on sheathing the floor but decided it’d be easier to work on, so we temporarily screwed it in place.


I finally got to use my new drill, exciting stuff!

For the wall framing, dad did all the figuring and laying out of the studs and I did the cutting and nailing.  Well, most of the nailing, until I finally admitted my arms were getting tired and dad finished the upper part of the wall …for safety’s sake.


Notice the delicious bowl of watermelon… Mom was sick but still came out to take pics and keep us fed and hydrated. …possibly the most important job of all.


Headers in.


Framing the upper windows of the “tall wall.”

We were hoping to get the wall sheathed and wrapped but there are only so many hours in a day…  It turned out to be a good thing that we didn’t, though.  I got a call from dad the next day saying he thought the bottom window placement was off.  You would think one of us would have picked up on that… let’s just say it was a long day and we might’ve been a little delirious toward the end…

Next work day we plan to correct the windows and sheath and wrap the tall wall and complete the short wall.  There are only two windows on the short wall, so it should go rather quickly.

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