Labor Day Weekend and Two Walls Up

Friday morning dad and I fixed the window placement, and sheathed and wrapped the tall wall.


My brother, mercifully, came to help.  (His name is Mike, not mercifully, btw)  He dusted off his suspenders and put me to shame with his speed.  He said he was rusty since he hadn’t been building for a few years, but it sure didn’t show.  (Again, his name is Mike, not mercifully or rusty.)


I had google-researched what kind of screws I should be using with my new impact driver and found these miraculous beauties, GRK R4 multi-purpose framing screws.  They claim to be immune to stripping.  I figured that was just because they hadn’t met me yet…  but, their claim held up!  I didn’t strip any heads; however, I did break 2 impact bits because, well, I am me.  I used the screws to hang the hoist brackets on top of the wall and held my breath that they would work.

They held!  I’m very impressed.  Excuse my mom’s paranoid outbursts in the video. (and, I was well aware of the peril my hands were in but thank you, everyone, for caring.)  The wall raising was a harrowing experience and I think we may all have stress ulcers from it.  My dad’s fork truck, Dino, has been a huge help with his projects; however, it is very old, has no brakes, and has a hose that’s ready to blow any day now.  Thankfully, Dino pulled through for us on this occasion.


We had been wondering how we were going to brace the wall once it was up since the floor is so narrow.  Mike happened to have these adjustable wall braces that were perfect.  I didn’t know such things existed!  We were able to nail the braces on to the side of the shop to support the wall while we made the next one.


Mike discovered the beauty of the sweatband.

The short wall went much quicker and easier.  I don’t have any pics of the wall raising because we had family coming for the weekend and my “blogtographer” was busy getting ready for them and the rest of us were right out straight hurrying to finish the framing before dark.  The second wall shouldn’t have been as nerve-wracking but raising it in the dark, with only a small lamp from Dino, added a whole different element of scary.


The next morning we finally got to see our accomplishment.  …and pick up any tools we missed.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and family, playing games and music, eating too much, and relaxing by the pool.  It was much-needed after all that stress!


I suggested we call ourselves The Sweat Band but, apparently, it’s taken.

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