09/10/15, End Walls Up

We had extra help this week.  Mom was company-free and no longer sick, and was able to be an extra set of hands (just don’t ask her to use the nailgun).  And my aunt was over to help out with pictures and wherever else she was needed.  The end walls went up much easier than the sides.  Dare I say the hardest part is over?  Probably not a good idea since we still have the roof.


Bedroom end wall framed.


Framing bathroom end wall.




I thought we were all working hard… little did I know… The minute I turn my back, mom reenacts her favorite scene from Rambo.



Cutting out the bedroom window.


Safety Supervisor gripping the arms of his chair… I probably should be worried.


Mom helping staple Tyvek.

IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3489

Staging is up (not a fun job).  Next work day, we will be putting the rafters up!

I’d gotten used to jumping in and out of the ends to grab tools and now it feels kind of funny all closed in, a bit disorienting.  However, it feels more spacious inside than I was expecting.  This week maybe I’ll chalk out the placement of appliances and fixtures.  I drew everything out on the driveway before I started the build but it is hard to get a true sense of space when there are no walls.

6 thoughts on “09/10/15, End Walls Up

  1. So cool, I loved being able to climb up and check out your little home and imagine just where everything will go and picture you enjoying your very own space, built with your very own hands. I loved being able to help with something as little as finding the box of staples and having them ready for you. Pammy, did I take that Rambo pic of you? Hahaha! What were you doing?! Telling me how heavy the nail gun was probably. I loved having lunch with you and listening to you interact .. Skip is hilarious. Thank you for my sandwich! Now I can’t wait for your NEXT post!


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