09/18/15, Cutting Down Wall and Setting Up Staging Brackets

We had a few setbacks this week.

Setback #1:  My hypersomnia has been flared up and I have no strength when this happens.  Two-by-fours seemed to triple in weight and all I wanted to do was lie down; however, I didn’t want to waste the time that dad was able to work on the house, so I kept pushing myself.  On a positive note, I’m already 2 weeks into the flare, so hopefully it won’t last much longer!

Setback #2:  I happened to mention to dad that I was worried the tall wall would exceed the height limit for road travel.  Sure enough… we were at 13′-5″ without the roof.  The maximum legal road height is 13′-6″.  Even using low-profile tires and having the weight of the fully-loaded house, it would be cutting it very close to the limit and I didn’t want to chance finishing the house and finding out I needed a permit to move it.  To be on the safe side, we cut out the 6″ blocks between the upper window headers and the top plates and then reattached the top plates.  We still need to cut down the sheathing to match.


We squared up the walls and screwed X-braces in.20150921_131015

Setback #3:  Dad thought he had staging wall brackets but we couldn’t find them.  We considered making them and even figured out the material we’d need for it but decided it would eat up precious work time, so we sent mom to Home Depot to pick up 8 brackets.  We have two HDs in a 50-mile radius and were only able to procure 7 brackets between the two stores.  *Note to self, order bracket when done updating blog.*


We ended up calling it a day earlier than usual.  I’m afraid I wasn’t much help and dad had to pick up my slack.

Hopefully I’m doing better by the end of the week.  I’ll need the strength of 10 grinches (plus 2) to get the roof up!

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