09/25/15 and 10/01/15, End Wall Tops, Rafters, and Ode to Menard’s

I apologize for the late post.  I am feeling a lot better and have been busy catching up on all the things I put off when I wasn’t doing so well.

The tops of the end walls (I’m sure there is a proper term for these but I have no idea what it is) were more time-consuming than I thought they’d be.  Each stud had to be cut to fit the angle, so dad would measure and yell down the number, I’d cut the stud, and mom would pass it up to dad and he’d nail it in place.  We make a decent team.



Once sheathing and Tyvek were up, we made the outside rafters.  I do know the technical term for these… barge rafters.  Alas, why they are called that I do not know.




Mom and dad went to the apple orchard (as is the thing to do in Maine) and when they got back, mom said she had a present for me.  I was expecting, maybe, a candy apple…  nope, even better… steps! found on the side of the road, free for the taking, my favorite kind.  No more playing musical ladders, shuffling them in and out.  They aren’t quite the right height but they’ll do for now.


My uncle stopped by just in time to help clean up (and admire the new steps).

The following week, we made a run to Home Depot to pick up a couple of staging planks and lumber, and my metal roofing had just arrived so we picked that up as well.

We had a crew in the backyard assessing the septic system.  My parents have been having problems with roots blocking the drainage and need to have a new tank installed.  We’ve been holding off on preparing the land where I’ll be parking my house because we weren’t sure where the new tank was going to go but now we have a better idea and it looks like I’ll be able to set up near the steps to the pool deck, which ties in nicely with the main house and garage.  I still feel bad about pouring concrete in the middle of my parent’s yard when I might only be living there temporarily, even though they’ve assured me they can use the pad to park their camper on to use as a guest house in the summer if I do end up moving.


Cutting out notches in the rafters.



Screwing down the rafters.

We only had one decent impact driver between the two of us, so mom was on the inside, climbing up and down ladders, to pass it back and forth.  She also cut out the middle of the plates that tie the short and long rafters together.  She claims to have carpal tunnel syndrome now.  I probably should’ve applied for Worker’s Comp. insurance…


Instead of making a typical straight shed roof, dad decided to add a short downward overhang on the front.


It’s neat having the rafters up, feels like a real house inside.


Sweatband weather has turned to sweatshirt weather; however, this is Maine, where nothing is predictable, so I’m not packing the sweatbands away just yet.


Attaching the sub-fascia.

The next step is roof sheathing and ice and water shield.  A couple of the roof trim pieces were ordered in the wrong color and I have to reorder them before we can start installing the metal panels.  I’m having a hard time finding metal fascia.  Menard’s carries it but shipping would be astronomical.  I’ve decided Menard’s must be like Disneyland, a magical faraway place.  Every time I Google something I need, they have it and it’s always way cheaper than anywhere else.  I’m thinking of starting a petition to have them branch out to New England.  Anyway, back to fascia…  If anyone knows where I can find steel fascia trim, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “09/25/15 and 10/01/15, End Wall Tops, Rafters, and Ode to Menard’s

  1. We’ve been watching your progress, very impressive! Looking forward to seeing it in person. We can’t help but admire your talent, seems it runs in the family. We wish you all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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