10/01/15 – 10/08/15, Hurricane Ties and a Functional Roof!

I nailed on the hurricane ties earlier in the week and also added strapping to the tall wall to make it more secure.  This made me appreciate the nail gun.  I, seriously, have a blister on my blister from hammering.


119            123

Most mothers would be concerned that their child was in obvious distress… mine laughed and documented it.  Thankfully, once we got the roof sheathed, I was able to take the X-bracing down.


My grandfather/Safety Supervisor helping strip old outlet boxes.

We got a late start on Thursday because mom and I went to Home Depot to place the last big order and pick out paint/stain.  Picking out paint colors should be fun but I am way too indecisive and there are way too many slight variations.  I wanted white for my interior trim, which should’ve been simple, right?  Not so.  There is no “white” white, everything has a hue.  I felt ridiculous telling the woman in the paint department I just wanted white, like the color of the paper I was holding, as if this was a new concept; not arctic ice, polar bear whisper, glacial fields, cotton breeze, nor marshmallow wish. Behr needs to make a hue called Just White.

Back at the house, mom and I marked the plywood and I cut the panels and we passed them up to dad, who tacked them in place.



Six chalk reels and none of them were cooperating that day.



I bought the 2″ GRK multipurpose screws to use on the roof sheathing.  The longer ones worked great on the floor sheathing and dimensional lumber but I struggled with the roof ones.  They wobbled and spun forever before finally biting into the wood.  That put us behind schedule, as well.  It was dusk by the time we started laying the Grace Ice & Water Shield.  That went up fairly easy but we still ended up finishing it in the dark.


Sorry for the blurriness.


The batteries were dead in my headlamp and I was mostly nailing the edge by feel and taking advantage of the rare swings my way from dad’s headlamp.  It rained the next day and the inside was dry, so I guess we did alright!

Mom and I plan to stain the sheets of siding this week.  I’m going with T1-11.  I had originally planned on vinyl siding, which I think is a fine choice, but it just didn’t feel right for this particular design and the house being so small.  I think the wood will give it a little more character.  We plan to put the door and windows in this Thursday or Friday.  It’s gotten really chilly here and I’m starting to feel the pressure of impending winter but things are moving right along and I’m still hoping to be in it before the heavy snow.

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