10/12/15-10/16/15, Painting and Windows

We got a lot accomplished this week, thanks to a few helpers.  Mom and I picked up the last big order from Home Depot.  When we arrived home, my aunt was waiting for us with treats from Dunkin’ Donuts!  After some sugary sustenance, we unloaded the siding and started in on the painting.  I used the ShopVac to brush down the T1-11, which took many many passes to get the sawdust off.  Then my niece and her mom showed up to give us a hand.  With all the help, we were able to get all 20 backsides sealed.  (Thank you!!)


My aunt and Carri (who will always be my sister, whether in-law or out-law) making the most of the drudgery.

My brother stopped by on his way through and helped unload the 28 sheets of sheetrock.  I had no idea how heavy drywall is.  I can see why most tiny-house people use wood for the interior walls.


The next day, mom and I painted the front of the siding.  My aunt came back the following day and helped finish up the fronts and painted the trim boards with my mom.





While they were painting trim, dad and I started installing the windows.  Silicone… seems innocuous enough, but we would be happy if we never saw another tube of it again.  It is horrible slime!  It made the nails stick to the hammer head and my entire body felt laminated by the end of the day.  I even ended up with a nifty rash on my arm.  Unfortunately, we still have the door to do…



We finished the windows with Grace Vycor flashing the next morning.


Thanks for the pic, mom. Now I remember where I left my hammer!

Our cousin had told us about a deal on insulation at a local discount center, 2×8′ 3-inch R-15 rigid foam for $14.99 a sheet (take that, Menard’s!), and I bought out the rest of their supply.  It has some heat damage on the ends but I plan to cut it to fit in between the studs and can add the leftovers to the bottom of the sheet.


The new septic tank is in and covered.  The space for my house has been staked out and drain pipe is ready and waiting.


This week I plan to finish up the exterior painting and install furring strips on the rafters to keep an even air space.

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