11/26/15, I’m Thankful to be Done Cutting Insulation

I’m pretty sure this was the pilgrims’ sentiment as well.  Kidding aside, I have much to be thankful for this year and it’s very humbling.  I don’t know what I would’ve done if my parents hadn’t agreed to help me with this dream.  They’ve gone above and beyond what I ever could’ve expected, giving their time and health and experience.  I am also grateful for family, friends, and neighbors who’ve offered help and tools and support.

I will be adding a separate post on plumbing very soon.  I filled the voids around the PEX in the floor with 1-inch foam and glued down the subfloor.  It’s so nice to have a solid floor to walk on again.

Last week we put up the interior walls for the bathroom and closet and made a small loft over the closet and washer and dryer for storage.



The temperature has dropped significantly (even down in the 20s a couple of days) and we got our first snow last Saturday.  It has been bitterly cold working in the house.  I’ve tried using a small electric space heater and it’s fine for warming your feet but doesn’t heat the air.  I think the work  light gives off more heat than the heater.  Of course, my door consists of a holey tarp, which doesn’t exactly help.


I’ve been consistently plodding away at insulating and finally finished up last night.  For the ceiling, I put a layer of the 3-inch foam against the 1-inch furring strips and held it up with finish nails.  I filled in any gaps with spray foam and then added a layer of 1-inch foam and filled any gaps in that with spray foam.  This may be overkill but I wanted to snug it up.  I still have 3 bays to fill, where the lights go, I’m just waiting for the electrician to wire everything.  For the walls, I pushed the 3-inch foam to the sheathing, which will leave a half-inch space between the foam and the drywall, and then I will seal around the edges with spray foam.

I ended up only using about half of the amount of foam I originally purchased.  Definitely overestimated on that!  I will be using some of the sheets for the skirting and then listing the excess on Craig’s List.

I’m still waiting for the feeling to come back in my thumb but it has returned to my other fingers.  Unfortunately, my right thumb is now numb, as well, but I have high hopes for things going back to normal this week.


We hope to put the siding up tomorrow and I’ll be working on the trim this week.  Hopefully the wiring will be finished this week.  We are optimistically planning on moving the house to the slab next weekend.

In conclusion, I’d like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and thank you for your encouragement!

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