Door, Duct, Drywall, and Destiny


Dad and I put the door in, finally.  I added the hardware and spray foamed around the door and windows.



I had to shim the back of the closet out half an inch to accommodate the washing machine plumbing in the wall.

The safety supervisor finally had his gallbladder removed and we took the day off to accompany him.


Result of getting up at 4 a.m.

Unfortunately, he had to be admitted back to the hospital later that evening due to postanesthesia/narcotic complications.  He was kept an extra day for observation and pain management.  Mom spent the day with him at the hospital and dad and I thought we could hang the drywall ourselves… we were wrong.  We started with the ceiling on the high side and, even with the drywall bench at the highest setting, I had to stand on my tiptoes to hold my end of the sheet up and dad had to hold his end up whilst operating the screw gun.  We got 2 sheets up and decided it was too dangerous to continue on our own.  The safety supervisor would be so proud of our risk management skills in his absence.

I installed the kick board.  I searched the web and could not figure out the technical term for this.  It is not a kick plate, sill, sill plate, or threshold.  Kick board seems the best fit but now I am very curious if this is correct.  If anyone knows, please tell me!


The next day our friend, Ken, graciously came over to help with the drywall while mom and A. Kelly tended to the safety supervisor.  We also used 2 “deadmen” to hold the sheets up.  We were able to get the ceiling and upper wall sheets hung in the main room.




This week we tackled the ceiling in the bathroom.  I connected the duct work for the bathroom fan and spray foamed around the opening, and shimmed the shower walls out a 1/4-inch to line up with the lip of the shower pan.  We knew the loft area was going to be a challenge and decided that, between the two of us, I was probably the better fit…



A little too snug…


Dad trimming as the recovering safety supervisor returns to light-duty work.


No, take your time… It’s super comfortable balancing my shoulder blades on this 2×4…



A much better fit!







I have to say drywalling is not my forte.  I have a terrible time lining up the screws to actually hit a stud.  PLUS, I do not enjoy sheetrock dust in my eyes!  I don’t know how dad did this for 15+ years.  He’s a little frustrated that it has taken this long to hang 9 sheets when he used to hang 100 sheets a day.  I keep reminding him he doesn’t do this every day anymore and his new helper’s qualifications are nonexistence.

Once the drywall is hung, we plan to move the trailer down to the slab and then we’ll start the mudding and taping.



Last night’s “fortune” – How’d they know?!