Shower Base and More Drywall

The installation instructions for the shower base said to install it in a bed of thinset.  This did not match up with dad’s installation plan so we called our cousin, who knows about such things, to get his advice.  He said it would take about a month for the thinset to harden and, instead, suggested we use construction adhesive or silicone under the base and screw the lip to the studs.  Another cousin o’ mine and his wife visited for the weekend and I ran it by him, whether he would use adhesive or silicone, and he said he would go with silicone.  His wife, trying to shine an objective light on the subject, hinted that he may have an unnatural predilection for silicone that bordered on obsessive…  Neuroses aside, silicone did seem like the better choice.

Dad and I liberally applied silicone around the support rings on the bottom of the base and then emptied 2 tubes of silicone inside the circles for good measure.  We then countersunk stainless steel screws in the lip of the base to the studs.  We were a little worried afterward because there was a lot of flex in the base and a bit of a gap between the floor.

We installed DensShield tile backer board over the lip of the shower base on both sides.  I had bought more green board (mold- and moisture-resistant drywall) than we needed so we used it wherever it fit.

It turns out I’m not so horrible at using the screw gun…  the screws I had bought were too long and almost impossible to set perfectly.  I swapped them out for shorter ones and took over the job of screwing while dad did the cutting, which went much faster.  It took us about 2 days to install the shower base and drywall the rest of the house.


Apparently, the blogtographer was having an off day…




I ended up having to take the sheetrock out of the closet so I could shim the back wall another half an inch because the PEX that went around the corner to the washing machine hookups was jutting out and in the way.




Openings for medicine cabinet and cupboard.


Sink supports.



After we had most of the drywall done, we realized we had forgotten to install the shower drain before we set the base.  We both felt like idiots.  Dad had even asked if I had the drain on hand to see if it lined up, but neither of us thought about how the drain has two parts and that one of them screws onto the bottom of the shower, before we secured it in place.  I thought maybe I could slip the ring between the pipe and base from underneath the trailer but the hole was in the area of the triangular braces at the front corners of my trailer and too small a space to maneuver anything.  While I was under the trailer I wrapped the shower trap with pipe insulation.  Since my first plan didn’t work, I thought maybe I could take the tile board off and unscrew the base and, perhaps, pry it up…  We never should have worried about the base not being tight to the floor…  there’s no way of budging the base now, it’s solid.  So, I put the screws and sheetrock back up.  Luckily I found this nifty little product, WingTite Shower Drain, where I can install the drain from above.



I’ve been told I could heat the house with a match, a lighter, a candle, a light bulb, etc…  I don’t know if any of those would actually work but this little space heater has been doing an excellent job.  I keep it set to 55 degrees and it is quite comfortable, even with all the vent openings not sealed yet.

We are scheduled to move the house to the slab at the end of the week.  We could have moved it last week but it was too warm and muddy to drive out back, very strange for February in Maine.

4 thoughts on “Shower Base and More Drywall

  1. I think the blogtographer was trying to be creative. I love the green! In case you decide to not paint … We’ll be there as soon as the Safety Supervisor is up and at em and I have a feeling he’ll be getting up early he’s so anxious to see what you’ve done. I’ll be doing a Dunks run, of course.

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