Cabinets and Microwave

Dad had cut the hole for the over-the-range microwave vent a long long long time ago.  Figuring it would be better to build around the microwave than to relocate a hole in the wall, I decided to install my microwave before my cabinets.  Unfortunately, the hole didn’t line up with the vent.  The opening was off by half an inch.  It’s possible we didn’t add in the Sheetrock when planning it out.  I had a mini-meltdown picturing cutting a new hole and patching the one we had.  When I pulled myself together, I inspected the opening in the wall and saw there was enough wiggle room to slide it over, if I cut out some insulation, and the outside duct work would still cover everything sufficiently.


Ninja mode engaged.

Mom braced the microwave and cupboards while I screwed them in.


The plastic adjustable legs that came with my ready-to-assemble cabinets were very flimsy and a couple ended up breaking, so I decided to make a toe-kick box to set the cabinets on.  By screwing the cabinets into the box, it also reinforced the stability of the cabinets, which went together with cams and pegs like Ikea furniture.



After having a couple weeks off while mom and I did painting and trim, I put dad back to work.  He helped make the cabinet that houses the fridge with a bookcase on the backside.  He mitered the plywood corners, something I had wanted to do but I did not trust my sawing skills.  We reinforced the outside end with metal L-brackets.


We added strips of wood to the top of the cabinets to raise the counter so it had more of a lip.


We added a 1×4 for the backsplash.  Putting the sink in is when it finally felt like a real kitchen and I could picture myself living here.  I was slightly giddy.


One of the things that I’m not entirely sure of is the mini-fridge.  The freezer part is definitely big enough but watermelon season is coming up and that concerns me.

At the moment, my brother has my counter in his shop and is making a stainless steel top for it because he’s the best brother ever, obviously.

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