First Guest, Noisy Neighbors, and Steps

I promised my very special little cousin she could sleepover during April vacation, thinking I’d be moved in by then.  Well, I have not moved in yet but that didn’t stop us…



I had hoped my noisy neighbors wouldn’t keep us awake…

They didn’t…


I told dad I wanted very minimalistic steps where the wood set in the frame.  We had some miscommunication in the beginning but he graciously fixed them so they matched what I pictured.  He was going to teach me how to weld so I could make my own steps but we just didn’t have the time.  Maybe he’ll teach me how to fix my rocker panels this summer, instead.


DSC03432 (1)

I plan on running a couple horizontal cables in the spindle area.



I’m not sure what I’m doing here but, golly, doesn’t my ankle look slender!



Stamped right on the top of my handrail.  I’m not sure what to make of this…

I still need to sand down the treads and paint the rail and frame a matching gray.


Dad delivered on the minimalism!


There’s quite a bit of landscaping that still needs to be done, but we have had some growth…



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