Dad helped me scribe my bathroom floor onto a template and I cut out the vinyl.  I had already cut the lauan subfloor back when we installed the shower base.  Dad laid out a 4-inch grid on the lauan for me to staple it down and we snapped lines on it where the PEX runs, so I’d know where not to staple.  So, what did I do?  I got trigger happy and shot 3 staples on the do-not-staple line!  I already have enough anxiety worrying about leaks!  I shot a test staple through scraps of lauan and plywood to see what damage I might have caused and the points barely broke through.  I feel fairly safe that I didn’t puncture the PEX; however, I didn’t want the pipes to rub on the points as they expanded and contracted, so I pulled those staples out.


When I glued down the subfloor last fall, I had noticed that it wasn’t level.  Dad thinks maybe a joist humped up.  He couldn’t think of an easy fix to this so he sanded down the top of the rise in the plywood and we shimmed the drop.  Luckily it was the second-to-last joist and my bed will be covering the area.


I was excited to start laying the Pergo.  The prep work took the most time, trimming the door jambs and casings, laying the underlayment, and trimming the tongue off the first row of boards, then it was smooth sailing.






Mom has been working on priming and painting the trim and caulking the gaps.  I have been working on the baseboards.


I painted the cabinet and added quarter-round trim.


The vinyl for my bathroom is very plush, almost as thick as my Pergo.  It was a remnant from a local flooring store.  I applied an “X” of double-sided tape to the floor where my washer and dryer will go and around the perimeter of my shower base and at the threshold, and then loose-laid the vinyl.  I installed most of the baseboards but still have a couple more to cut.


Bathroom vinyl installed.


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