Painting and Trim

I caught mom’s cold and feel kind of crummy, and thought today would be a great day to sit at the computer!  Things have been moving right along and I haven’t had much downtime to update the blog.  Let me start with March 21st…

Mom and I primed the ceiling and walls.


We rolled 2 coats of ceiling paint.  Then mom started rolling the main wall color, Spanish Sand, while I worked on the bathroom.  She had one long wall and one end wall done before I came out to check on it.  It looks nice in the picture but in reality it was too peachy.  We debated for quite a while over what to do and we both decided it was better to get the perfect shade now than have to paint around everything later on if I changed my mind.


Spanish Sand

Back to Home Depot we went…  I fell in love with Cotton Grey and haven’t looked back since.

I wanted a light blue-grey for the bathroom.  I found the perfect shade at Sherwin Williams (Morning Fog, I believe) and had HD mix the color for me.  I was so happy, painted the bathroom, went back at night to admire it and it looked like a shade of periwinkle.  Ugh, I couldn’t believe it.  It was pretty but I am not a lavender-type person.


Bathroom blue-grey looking alright during the day.

Back to Home Depot we went…  I scoured their paint chips for a ridiculous amount of time.  Having been surprised by two colors already, I was super nervous about applying another color.  The only thing I was sure of was the Cotton Grey, so mom and I talked about it and decided it might make the house seem larger if I continued it into the bathroom.  It is a really nice neutral color that changes from a light tan to a grey, depending on the light.  Mom re-primed the bathroom and gave it 2 coats of the Cotton Grey.  The bathroom has 6 coats of paint in total!  Thank goodness this is a tiny house.


I had put up the exterior trim very easily and was looking forward to doing the interior trim.  There was a lot more to it than the exterior.  I didn’t have to worry about jambs, reveals, sills, and aprons before.  Plus, who knew walls weren’t flat and uniform?!


I’m not going to tell you how many times I had to cut the window side casings.  Pathetic!  And I am a firm believer in measure twice, cut once, sometimes even measuring 4 times…  Mom filled all the nail holes and gaps.  I had to keep reminding her not to exclaim when she came to a larger than normal gap because there was not much I could do about it at that point.20160404_203518


I used premium #1 grade pine 1x4s and 1x5s for the trim.  It is beautiful wood but very soft.  I had to build extra-deep jambs and sill for my bathroom window to accommodate shimming the wall out for the shower plumbing.  I went with 1×3 casing in the bathroom because the window and door are so close to walls that the 1x4s would’t fit.

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