Who Were Those Masked Men?


I built my bed with a 2×4 frame and a hinged plywood top that lifts up and I’ve stored rarely used items underneath in the back.  I built 2 drawers into the center front of the frame and keep my clothes in them.  I made panels that attach with magnets to cover the end cubbies on either side of the drawers.  I store shoes in one and my computer battery backup is in the other.  There is a gap before the open framework at the foot of my bed and I run my computer wires through the opening there.  There is a side cupboard that runs the length of my headboard and I have awkward shaped items in there, like my yoga mat and sleeping bag.  I store my fabric in the small shelves on the side of the headboard and whatever else I can on the long shelves on the front.  I plan to add doors to cover the top 2 long shelves.  I white-washed the wood partly because I wanted to keep it light but mostly because I have no patience for coats of paint.






One day while working on the bed I was interrupted by pure cuteness.

How could I be expected to get any work done?!  I spent most of the day checking on them in the tree.  They disappeared in the early evening and mom and I were kind of glad, figuring they decided to go back home.  Two days later, on the way home from getting groceries, we spotted them around our hedges by the road.  Mom had talked with a man from a wildlife rehab and he said something had probably happened to the mother if they were by themselves and out during the day and that we should catch them in a fishing net and bring them to the rehab.  A fishing net?!  We’re not fishermen so we improvised with a wastebasket and sheet.  We took them to the rehab, which is run by an amazing elderly couple who had their hands full with a house full of raccoons and several outbuildings and pastures with other animals.  I don’t know how they do it.  It is clear that they put the animals needs before their own.  If you’d like to read more about their wonderful work or make a donation please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/coteswildliferehab

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