It’s Electric!

I have done some wiring in my vehicles and can follow a wiring diagram but I hired an electrician because I am terrified of getting zapped and I didn’t want to wire something wrong that might mess up my computer someday.  My electrician, Everett, used to work with my dad and grandfather when they built houses back in the day and is good friends with our cousin, Wayne, who stepped in one day to help run the wire.  He ended up using way more wire than ever anticipated because, instead of running the wire through the walls, he brought the wire up through the floor to the outlet and then back down so the majority of the wire is run through the floor joists.  I believe this was because most of the outlets and appliances are on their own breaker.  I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about this.  Everett said you might think it’d be easier to wire a tiny house but, since my house has all the same electrical connections of a normal-sized house it took about as long.


Safety Supervisor making sure Everett wasn’t going anywhere.


Everett, Dad, and Wayne on a not-so-fun day.

I have a 100 amp electrical panel.  The main wire comes up under the trailer through one of the boxes in the cement pad.  This wire runs underground and is connected to a service disconnect box on a post about 15 feet from my house and, from there, runs underground and through dad’s shop to its own meter.  I have an outside outlet on the front of my house and 3 more under the trailer, one of which is for the heat tape I will be wrapping around my water pipe this winter.  We had originally hooked the main power in on dad’s shop service but every time he used his welder my lights flickered.




Electrical panel, schlemetrical panel

I did get brave enough to wire my lights and that was kind of fun.



I had coax cable running underground from the “big” house to underneath my trailer and had mistakenly thought I could hook up a new modem to this and share the internet.  I was wrong.  Apparently this is possible but you have to register your modem with your cable provider and pay like it was a new service.  After I scratched that idea I looked into MoCA (multimedia over coax), range extenders, access points, etc.  Because I will be working from home, I need a reliable internet connection and all of these options were iffy and too expensive to try.  I decided to go with a wired connection and then spent days researching fiber optic, cat5, cat5e, cat6, and so on.  Cat5e was the cheapest option that met my needs.

Because of some sick gremlin that lives inside of me, I decided to wait until the temps were in the 80s and mom had laid grass seed before digging a new trench to lay the cable.  The details are kind of hazy (repressed memory, perhaps?) but, in short, I couldn’t pull the cable up through the pipe the coax ran through and, in the process, I ended up pulling the coax out of the pipe and couldn’t get it back through.  I had to extend the trench below the cement pad while dad used a hammer drill to make a new hole to pull both cables up through the pad.  Then I had to cut out a chunk of sheetrock around the old coax outlet in my house and make a bigger trough in the foam insulation to pull the Ethernet cable up through the wall with the coax.  I bought a stripper/crimper tool and tester and connected the Ethernet cable to the wall jack.  Lo and behold it worked!  I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I was.


Where’d that backhoe go?!


On a side note… after filling the trench back in, mom sprinkled grass seed and, because it was freshly “tilled,” we had a lush strip of grass between the houses well before the rest of the lawn filled in.  You’re welcome, mom.

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