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Seven months later and I just realized I never posted pics of my finished interior.  I submitted pics to the Tiny House Competition back in November but forgot to post them on my own site.  Sheesh.  Here they are (plus a video house tour at the bottom of the page):



I have, since, added a shelf to my closet and rearranged some things.








Storage loft in bathroom.









Workstation sitting


Workstation standing.




My computer workstation is made from an Ergotron clamp-on laptop arm and an Ergotron clamp-on monitor arm.  I deconstructed the laptop arm and drilled 2 holes through the back of the clamp plate and then screwed 2 lag bolts through it into a stud.  I took the clamp part of the monitor arm off and the post fit very snugly into the top of the laptop arm post.  I covered up the plate and lag bolts with a box I made with a false back.  I painted the box silver and it blends in quite nicely.  The box holds various cables, a portable hard drive, and a Playstation controller.


I reupholstered my office chair and took the bulky plastic back off it.  I covered the back with heavy-duty Cordura and screwed directly through the fabric.  This took an inch or two off the profile.









I’m really happy with how my sink shroud turned out.  I wanted it to follow the lines of my sink so I had to taper it two ways, top to bottom and side to side.  I thought my head was going to explode when I was trying to figure that out.  Good thing I took geometry twice!





My design process/chaos.

More angles with this chair and I did add more of a slope than what is in the drawing.  I really like mid-century furniture design so I found a pic of a chair with similar lines and drew up a plan.  I found a hardwood seller in Portland that carries thicker boards than Home Depot and I picked up a roughsawn 8’ piece of poplar for $12.  I was very happy with the price and the sales people were super friendly and didn’t treat me like a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  I will definitely be going back there.  And thank you, Aunt Kelly, for riding all that way with lumber on your shoulder.

I was able to get most of the pieces for the chair and footstool out of that one board and used stock from Home Depot for the thinner pieces, like the arms and rails.  I used leftover plywood for the back and seat.  The footstool and seat cushions are made from a spare couch cushion mom had up in the attic.  I did have to buy a cushion for the back at Jo-Ann’s Fabric, which was the most expensive part of the chair.  I found the upholstery fabric in the clearance section.  In total, it cost $75 to make the chair and footstool, much less than the $400+ Wayfair was asking.  We won’t talk about how many hours of labor I put into it…

It is very comfortable and rugged.  I tried to make it as space efficient as possible, taking up a smaller footprint without sacrificing comfort.  The footstool slides nicely underneath and out of the way.  I am hyper-critical when I look at it and see all the things I could have done better but, for my first chair, I’m pretty happy with it.  It was also my first time working with poplar, or any hardwood, and I really enjoyed it.  Thanks, Mike, for letting me use your planer!

I’ve always liked working with my hands and making things but building my house has given me more confidence and a passion for woodworking.  Dad and I want to start building a woodshop on the back of his auto shop this summer.  Right now I am helping my parents remodel their basement and there are many upkeep jobs to do around the property, so the woodshop is definitely not a priority but it’s fun to plan.  I used my new-found hobby to make xmas gifts, a poplar easel for my niece and a bird’s eye maple lazy-susan for dad.

I also want to thank mom for all her help.  I may have designed and made all my furniture but she did the worst part…. staining and sealing.  Ugh, I have no patience for that!  Thanks, mom!

Sorry, to everyone following the blog, for the lack of updates.  Writing does not come naturally to me and I never know where to start.  I think the hardest part of this whole project has been writing the blog but I very much appreciate the support I’ve received through it.  Please forgive my radio silence.  I will try to write a post very soon on what life has been like for the last 7 months living tiny.

3 thoughts on “Interior and Furniture

  1. Hey there,

    Great work! I’m also a Mainer and currently building a rv/tiny until other can be done officially.

    I’d love to ask you a few questions about your build.
    Have a great weekend!


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