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I am a single 37-year-old female living in Maine.  I recently lived in Massachusetts, working from home as a medical transcriptionist.  I loved the area, 15 mins from the ocean and close to family.  What I didn’t love was living in an apartment with paper-thin walls.  In 2012, I began struggling to stay awake during the day and saw several specialists for it.  With prescription stimulants and frequent naps, I was still fighting sleep and my work production declined.  In 2013, I stumbled upon the tiny house movement and initially thought it was a cute novelty.  Then, as my neighbors got louder and I started losing money at work, it became an attractive option.  I found a trailer on Craigslist and moved back in with my parents to save money for the build.  That year I also decided to go back to school for medical coding because, obviously, I didn’t have enough on my plate…  The sleepiness continued to worsen and eventually I had to resign from my job.

I have been diagnosed with 5 sleep disorders (still whittling them down).  Luckily, I have been put on a med that helps considerably and I have been able to continue with school.  So, with a small inheritance from my grandmother and a Home Depot Project Loan, I have decided to push forward with the tiny house dream.  I should be finished with school this fall and hope to find a job soon after.  I still have bad days but I’ve set up a good routine that’s flexible and I can work around them.

On a more personal note, I am an avid crafter (sewing and knitting).  I enjoy playing guitar, building computers, and reading.  I have had pet bunnies and hope to have another in the future.  …bunny or child, whichever comes first… though a bunny seems like better odds at this point.  I value God and family above all.

17 thoughts on “About Me

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    • Maureen, I am honored that you nominated me for a Liebster Award! Unfortunately, the only other blogs I read are family ones, so I don’t really have any to pass on the nomination to. To answer your nomination questions, tho…

      1. Cake mix or from scratch? Mix.
      2. Chickens or eggs? I’m a vegetarian but I do eat eggs (I just try not to think about what exactly I’m eating, it’s sick, I know!). I think I’m considered an ovolactovegetarian or something like that.
      3. Do you exercise regularly? Working on the house has been the most exercise I’ve had in a loooooong time and I want to continue being active once it’s finished.
      4. Paper books, e-books, or audio books? E-books because I need instant gratification and the closest Barnes & Noble is 30mins away. I do enjoy audio books when I’m driving or working on my house by myself.
      5. Library or bookstore? Amazon.
      6. Do you like thrift store shopping? If yes, what was your most thrilling find? I do like thrift stores but I rarely go to them.
      7. Where is your favorite vacation destination? Anywhere with a beach.
      8. Window seat or aisle? Window, because I always fall asleep, which can be dangerous near the aisle.
      9. How much do you use social media for marketing and can you tell if it has made a difference? Hmmm, it feels weird to use the term “marketing” with my blog but Facebook is where the majority of my traffic comes from.
      10. What do you wish everyone knew about you? I’m socially awkward but, if given the chance, I’m a pretty good friend.

      Thanks again! I look forward to your book coming out. I have a horrible sugar addiction and would love to get more insight on it!


      • No worries about the blog nominations. I didn’t know too many bloggers either. I do think yours is great, though! Thanks for answering my questions! I’m glad to get to know you better! I’m not sure how much insight you’ll get for yourself from my book! I’m pretty sure everyone has to figure out what works for them. But you will get some insight on what I did for my own health! If it encourages you to do something to help you feel better, that’s great! Best wishes!

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  2. Just voted for your house as TH of the year!! That’s how I found your blog. Looking forward to reading about your build and how you’re getting along living in your new home. I really love the configuration and many of your storage options. I’m also into many types of crafts, some of which require a sewing machine and a work table. My TH is somewhere in the future and I’m still designing how I want that (as in house/life) to look.


    • Thank you for your vote!! I was worried that crafting in a tiny house would be messy and cluttered but, since I built all my furniture with my hobbies in mind, it has actually been more efficient. Thank you for your interest and good luck with your design!


  3. your home is amazing as well as your family! It is one of the most unique I have seen. I’m going to pray tonight about your sleep situation. I’m a great grandmother, I think you set up one of the most doable tiny homes I’ve seen. I’m curious about your hobbies. I’d love to see them. Blessings!!🤗🙏❤️👩‍🌾


    • Thank you so much! I mostly sew and knit. Totally doable in a tiny house, as long as you don’t have more than one project going at a time 🙄😁. Thanks, again!


  4. I’m moving back to Maine in June, if you have time, depending on where you are I’d love to come see your tiny. It’s something Iv’e wanted to do forever. I am moving back to start paying off my debt and saving for my build. I’ve only been able to see a couple completed but they were lofted and I want a single floor plan. .


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